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Ashigaru with arquebus


1/72 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with Samurai Battles

When the Portuguese introduced firearms to Japan in the mid-Sixteenth Century, it began a revolution in Japanese warfare that would eventually lead to the end of the samurai era. The arquebus—known as tanegashima—required very little training to use, yet was devastatingly effective on the battlefield.

Ashigaru (commoner soldiers) armed with these weapons were used very successfully by Oda Nobunaga, the first general to truly embrace the new technology, during his bid for power in 1549. Once he had proven their usefulness, the Japanese worked diligently to improve their gunpowder technology, and the arquebus became a permanent fixture in the armies of the period.

This kit includes five plastic model warriors armed with firearms. Models can be assembled individually, or combined using the large unit base. Includes two colors of sashimono back banners and decals. Includes unit flags and unit card for use with the Samurai Battles game.

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