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1/72 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with Samurai Battles

The word ashigaru translates as “light foot”, and refers to the light-weight armor often issued to the commoner foot soldiers employed in the armies of the warring daimyo of feudal Japan. Often no more than mercenaries hired by the promise of loot, these soldiers were generally inferior to the more professional samurai. Yet, over time they came to be the largest component of the armies fighting for control of Japan.

Ashigaru warriors were often armed with the yari—a type of long, bladed spear that could measure as long as 6 meters—and light armor made from hardened leather. The long yari was especially effective against mounted troops, who found it difficult to strike at infantry through a wall of spears.

This kit includes five plastic model warriors armed with yari. Models can be assembled individually, or combined using the large unit base. Includes two colors of sashimono back banners and decals. Includes unit flags and unit card for use with the Samurai Battles game.

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