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  • Zvezda is extremely proud to announce that Samurai Battles—our historical boardgame of samurai warfare in Japan’s feudal age—has been honored with the Origins Award for Best Historical Boardgame of 2012! For 39 years, the Origins Awards and the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design has recognized the best new games in a variety of […]

  • Happy to say that several new documents including Command & Colors rules and player aid in german were added into the “Rules & Scenarios“.

  • 03.06.2013 Shootout

    A new scenario “Shootout” is available!

  • 08.05.2013 Bandits

    A new scenario “Bandits” was added into “Scenarios“!

  • 30.04.2013 Samurai Helmets

    A new article “Samurai Helmets” is available in the “Historical Reference“!

  • 25.04.2013 Retreat

    A new scenario “Retreat” is available!

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