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  • “I want to first apologize for the confusion in regard to the number of cavalry units needed for the Commands & Colors scenarios. Each Samurai Cavalry unit in the Commands & Colors rules does indeed have 4 figures. The Samurai Cavalry was the most dangerous and feared unit on the battlefields of feudal Japan and the 4 figures in a Samurai Cavalry unit makes them a force to reckoned with…”

  • How do Art of Tactic and Command an Colors systems work togather?

    What stuff you will find in each game box?

    All answers for these and many other questions about “Samurai Battles” you’ll find in interview with authors of the game Konstantin Krivenko and Richard Borg by BoardGameGeek.

  • 05.06.2012 Samurai-naginata

    Represents new mini set for Samurai Battles – Samurai-naginata.

  • Hello, dear friends!
    Origins Game Fair 2012 has started! And we are happy to present you some photos from this event.
    Don’t miss Zvezda at Origins Game Fair 2012! Come to our booth 123/222 and play a demo of Samurai Battles!
    Meet the designers Richard Borg and Konstantin Krivenko!

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