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Samurai Commanders


1/72 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with Samurai Battles

The samurai were the premier warrior class in feudal Japan, as well as serving as the noble class, responsible for administrating the territories of their daimyo or lord both at peace and at war. During times of war, samurai were responsible for mustering troops from their domains as well as leading them in combat.

The samurai officers included in this model kit display a variety of different styles of uniform and dress common to the feudal Japanese era, including both mounted and dismounted versions. Equipped with the traditional samurai sword as well as signaling devices, these officers are ready to lead their soldiers into the heart of honorable combat!

Samurai Commanders play a critical role in the Samurai Battles game. The models in this kit feature specially-designed bases that are compatible with the large unit bases included with other model kits suitable for use with the game.

This kit includes three plastic model samurai officers on foot plus one plastic model mounted samurai officer with horse. Models can be assembled individually, or added to the large unit bases supplied in other model kits in the Samurai Battles line. Includes two colors of sashimono back banners and decals.

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