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1/72 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with Samurai Battles

The naginata is one of many types of bladed weapons used by Japanese warriors during its feudal period. A curving blade, manufactured in the traditional Japanese style, was mounted on a long, oval-shaped wooden shaft. During the Gempei War, this weapon proved to be very effective for dismounting and disabling mounted riders, and the design of samurai armor was changed to protect against the naginata’s sweeping attacks.

Traditionally, the invention of the naginata is dated to the Nara period (710-784 AD), and they were used extensively from the 12th Century until they were overshadowed by gunpowder firearms in the 16th Century. Naginatas were used by warriors of the samurai caste, but there are records of them also being carried by ashigaru fighters and warrior-monks.

This kit includes five plastic model samurai warriors armed with naginata spears. Models can be assembled individually, or combined using the large unit base. Includes two colors of back banners. Includes unit flags and unit card for use with the Samurai Battles game.

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