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Peasants with Ammo Suply


1/72 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with Samurai Battles

Like all armies, the samurai armies of feudal Japan required a large amount of supplies in order to function. The warring daimyo did not their valuable trained warriors to fill this need. Instead, they would “recruit” local peasant laborers to carry supplies, build camps and fortifications, and provide other needs for their armies.

One of the most important supplies for the army was ammunition for its ranged weapons. Whether they were arrows used by the elite samurai archers, or shot and powder for the soldiers issued firearms, each warrior could only carry enough for a relatively small number of shots. Peasant laborers would be used to deliver more ammunition as needed, which would sometimes put them in danger of enemy attack.

This kit includes four plastic model laborers and one plastic model mule. Models can be assembled individually, or combined using the large unit base. Includes two colors of sashimono back banners and decals. Includes unit flags and unit card for use with the Samurai Battles game.

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